Kingdome Sticker

Kingdome Sticker


The Kingdome lived in SoDo from 1976-2000 and was home to some of Seattle’s professional sports teams; Seattle Sounders, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sonics & the Seattle Mariners. After being replaced by two fields, CenturyLink & Safeco, all that remains of the Kindome are lasting memories.

As part of my illustration series highlighting iconic landmarks in Washington’s history I decided to make this illustration into a sticker that Seattleites could display wherever they like. Windows, laptops, skateboards, sticker wall, anywhere you want to display it!

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Installation Instructions

  1. Clean the surface you are going to apply the sticker to.
  2. Remove backing (blue side) and hold onto the clear side (transfer paper) with the vinyl sticker on it.
  3. Carefully align sticker where you want it (once you place it down, you will not be able to move it without damaging the sticker).
  4. Place one end of the sticker on your surface, while holding the other side off the surface slightly so it doesn’t make contact with the surface.
  5. Using a debit/gift card or a squeegee begin at the end you have touched to your surface and start smoothing out the sticker working towards the side you are holding up.
  6. Once the whole sticker has been applied use some force to ensure all of the sticker has made contact (Due to the fine lines, this step is really important. You can even leave it on there a while before moving to the next step.).
  7. Remove the clear transfer paper (Please be VERY carful when taking off the transfer paper. Due to the fine lines, there is a possibility that the vinyl will want to stick to the transfer paper more than the surface at first. Take your time, go slow, and if the vinyl sticks to the transfer paper carefully put it back down and rub harder to get the vinyl to stick to the surface.).

If these instructions aren’t clear or you are more of a visual person, check out this video on youtube that can walk you through how to do it.


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