Seahawks vs. Browns | 12.20.15

On Sunday December 20th, I got the privilege to photograph the Seattle Seahawks vs. Cleveland Browns game at CenturyLink Field. This was my first time shooting football, let alone a professional team so I was all sorts of excited/nervous. It was so amazing being able to be there to capture how hard these guys work on the field, and they were on fire on Sunday. I want to thank Jane Gershovich of Jane G. Photography for teaching me how to shoot soccer earlier in the year, that knowledge really paid off here, and helping me out during the game on Sunday! I can’t wait for the next time I will be able to photograph this amazing team, but I will always have this awesome memory.

Enough of my rambling, take at look at some of my images from the day!

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-1

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-2

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-3

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-4

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-5

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-6

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-7

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-8

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-9

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-10

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-11

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-12

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-13

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-14

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-15

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-16

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-17

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-18

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-19

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-20

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-21

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-22

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-23

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-24

Seahwaks Vs Browns_12.20.15_Web-25