During the last week of may I flew out to New York, Long Island more specifically, for a press check. Here is a collection of photos from the plane on the way there and back. Coming back has to be the most amazing view I have ever seen during a flight, being able to sun fade below the clouds and seeing a “sunset” from the plane was magical.

I also had a chance to spend a little time ad Jones Beach while waiting for the flight back to Seattle, WA. Check out what I stumbled across while at Jones Beach!

SEA to NY-1

SEA to NY-2

SEA to NY-3

SEA to NY-4

SEA to NY-5

SEA to NY-6

SEA to NY-7

SEA to NY-8

SEA to NY-9

SEA to NY-10

SEA to NY-11


Time for the flight back!


SEA to NY-12

SEA to NY-13

SEA to NY-14

SEA to NY-15

SEA to NY-16

SEA to NY-17

SEA to NY-18

SEA to NY-19

SEA to NY-20