Edgar Martinez #11 Retirement Weekend

The weekend of August 11th-13th was a very special weekend, not only for Mariners fans but for the Martinez family. On Saturday,  August 12th, Edgar Martinez’s #11 jersey was retired from the Seattle Mariners. The weekend was full of celebrations and moments honoring Edgar and his legacy with the Mariners.

Starting with Friday morning (August 11th), Edgar and his family were invited on top of the space needle to raise a #11 flag high above Seattle officially kicking off the weekends celebrations. All weekend fans flocked to the stadium to be a part of the fun, no matter what day it was. The day to make sure you were there was Saturday of course, with the retirement ceremony pre-game including the unveiling of the new retirement plaque over the Pen in center field. Sunday was a special moment for his kids as they were invited out to the mound to throw the first pitch, with Edgar himself being the catcher.

Below is a collection of my favorite photos from events during the entire weekend, enjoy!