a little about me

Design + Photo

Hello, my name is Brendan and I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer in Seattle, WA. Growing up in the PNW I have developed a love for the way modern has met natural beauty over the years. If am not laying out type or pushing pixels on the computer then I am capturing light through a lens, if I happen to be doing neither of those then I am probably napping with my pups. Graduating with 3 ADDY Awards and a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, I refined my skills in Graphic Design at the International Academy of Design and Technology – Seattle.

Graphic Designer

Branding, print, web or UI/UX I love creating new and exciting designs. I am always pushing myself to create my next favorite product, something I will never get tired of looking at.



Whether it be a fashion shoot, engagement or a landscape of the beautiful PNW I love being behind the camera. I have been pushing myself to shoot more and more each year, building my portfolio and creating my own personal style.


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